Sr.No Name of Instiution Contact No. Email ID 24 X 7 Normal Delivery (Maternity Ward) Ambulance Services
C-Section Facility Immunization Male/ Female Tubecotmy Blood Bank/ Storage Emergency Services First Aid Services Dental Services Ortho Services Eye Survices ENT Services Ayurvedic Services Homopathic Services
1 Civil Hospital Hisar01662-278102pmohsr@rediffmail.comYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
3SDH Adampur01663-254096ghadampur@gmail.comYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes    Yes
4SDH Hansi01669-242088smogh.hansi@rediffmail.comYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes    Yes
5 CHC Aryanagar01662-260945smoaryanagar@rediffmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes    Yes
6PHC Balsmand01662-264685mophcbalsamand@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
7PHC Chaudhriwas01662-260744mophcchaudhariwas@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes    Yes
8PHC Yes Yes   YesYes     
9PHC Satrod Kalan01662-222262mophcsatroad@gmail.comNoYes Yes   YesYes     
10CHC Barwala.01693-242071smobarwala@rediffmail.comYesYes YesYes YesYesYes    Yes
11PHC Agroha01669-281146mophcagroha@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes    Yes 
12PHC Dhansu01662-264852mophcdhansu1@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
13PHC LandhriNAmophclandhari@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes     Yes
14CHC Mangali01662-280373smomangali@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
15PHC Kaimiri01662-296581mophckaimri@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes   Yes 
16PHC Ladwa01662-263531mophcladwa@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
17PHC Nalwa01663-289606mophcnalwa@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
18PHC Talwandi Rukka01662-282145mophctrukka@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
19CHC Narnaund01663-233240mophcnarnaund@gmail.comYesYes YesYes YesYesYes    Yes
20PHC Kahanda Kheri01663-242179mophckhandakheri@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
21PHC Yes Yes   Yes    Yes 
22PHC Thurana01663-239040mophcthurana@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
23CHC Sisai01663-232210smosisai@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
24PHC DattaNAmophcdatta@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
25PHC GuranaNAmophcgurana@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
26PHC Umra01663-289277mophcumra@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
27CHC Siswal01669-256148smosiswal@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes     Yes
28PHC Chuli Bagrian01669-290143mophccbagrian@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
29PHC Yes Yes   YesYes     
30PHC Kajlan01662-267075mophckajlan@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
31PHC Neoli Kalan01662-292463mophcnkalan@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
32CHC Sorkhi01663-238670smosorkhi@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
33PHC Bass01663-292266mophcbass@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
34PHC Puthi Mangal Yes Yes   Yes      
35PHC Puthi SaimainNAmophcpsamain@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes    Yes
36CHC Uklana01693-233003smo.chcuklana@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
37PHC Yes Yes   Yes      
38PHC Hasangarh01693-254110mophchassangarh@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
39PHC Pabra01693-231377mophcpabra@gmail.comYesYes Yes   Yes      
40UHC Azad Nagar Hisar01662-254147smo.uhc.azadnagar@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
41UHC Sector 1 & 4 HisarNAsmo.uhc.sec1.4@gmail.comYesYes Yes   YesYes     
42UPHC Rishi Nagar, Yes Yes   Yes     Yes
43UPHC Mahavir Colony, Yes Yes   Yes      
44UPHC Patel Nagar, Yes Yes   Yes      
45UPHC Char Qutub Gate Hansi Yes Yes          


Sr.No. Name of Sub Centre  Pregnant Women Ante Natal Services (Daily at Subcentre) Immunization of Pregnant Women & Children (Every Wednesday/Saturday)
1SC Arya NagarYesYes
2SC Kirtan YesYes
3SC Rawal KhurdYesYes
4SC Shahpur.YesYes
5SC SiswalaYesYes
6SC BalsmandYesYes
7SC BandaheriYesYes
8SC BudakYesYes
9SC ChaudhriwaliYesYes
10SC SundawasYesYes
11SC ChaudhariwasYesYes
12SC GorchiYesYes
13SC HindwanYesYes
14SC MuklanYesYes
15SC PatanYesYes
16SC Bhiwani RohilaYesYes
17SC GawarYesYes
18SC Rawalwas kalanYesYes
19SC SarsanaYesYes
20SC BhaganaYesYes
21SC Kharad AlipurYesYes
22SC MayyarYesYes
23SC Satrod KalanYesYes
24SC Satrod KhasYesYes
25SC Satrod KhurdYesYes
26SC AgrohaYesYes
27SC FransiYesYes
28SC Khasa MahajanYesYes
29SC KuleriYesYes
30SC Siwani BolanYesYes
31SC BadhawarYesYes
32SC BalakYesYes
33SC Barwala-1YesYes
34SC Barwala-2YesYes
35SC Bichpadi.YesYes
36SC GaibipurYesYes
37SC KhedarYesYes
38SC MatlodaYesYes
39SC PanghalYesYes
40SC BehbalpurYesYes
41SC BuganaYesYes
42SC DhansuYesYes
43SC KheribarkiYesYes
44SC RajliYesYes
45SC SulkhaniYesYes
46SC ChikanwasYesYes
47SC KrioriYesYes
48SC LandhriYesYes
49SC NangthlaYesYes
50SC ShamsukhYesYes
51SC ThaskaYesYes
52SC DhandhurYesYes
53SC JuglanYesYes
54SC KaimriYesYes
55SC Talwandi RanaYesYes
56SC  MirzapurYesYes
57SC DabraYesYes
58SC Ladwa.YesYes
59SC MirkaYesYes
60SC NianaYesYes
61SC ShikarpurYesYes
62SC Bado BrahmnanYesYes
63SC DayaYesYes
64SC GangwaYesYes
65SC HaritaYesYes
66SC Mangali(Aklan)YesYes
67SC Mangali-(Mohbat)YesYes
68SC BhojrajYesYes
69SC KunwariYesYes
70SC NalwaYesYes
71SC SultanpurYesYes
72SC BurenYesYes
73SC KalwasYesYes
74SC PayalYesYes
75SC SahawaraYesYes
76SC Talwandi Rukka(CL)YesYes
77SC Dharam KheriYesYes
78SC KagsarYesYes
79SC KhandaKheriYesYes
80SC SulchaniYesYes
81SC UgalnYesYes
82SC Kheri JalabYesYes
83SC KinnarYesYes
84SC Koth KhurdYesYes
85SC KothKalanYesYes
86SC Milkpur.YesYes
87SC MirchpurYesYes
88SC Rakhi khasYesYes
89SC Rakhi ShahpurYesYes
90SC  RajpuraYesYes
91SC BhaniamirpurYesYes
92SC BudanaYesYes
93SC MadhaYesYes
94SC MothYesYes
95SC NarnaundYesYes
96SC RajthalYesYes
97SC KumbhaYesYes
98SC Majra.YesYes
99SC Pali.YesYes
100SC Petwar-IYesYes
101SC Petwar-IIYesYes
102SC ThuranaYesYes
103Sc DattaYesYes
104SC KaproYesYes
105Sc MasudpurYesYes
106SC Panihari.YesYes
107SC PuniaYesYes
108SC  KhanpurYesYes
109SC Byana KheraYesYes
110SC GhiraiYesYes
111SC GuranaYesYes
112SC  LohariYesYes
113SC Dhani PalYesYes
114SC KaliravanYesYes
115SC MahajadYesYes
116SC Sisai BolaYesYes
117SC BhatlaYesYes
118SC ChainatYesYes
119SC DepalYesYes
120SC DhandheriYesYes
121SC KulanaYesYes
122SC UmraYesYes
123SC Bhana.YesYes
124SC Chuli BagrianYesYes
125SC Chuli KhurdYesYes
126SC Sadalpur-IYesYes
127SC Sadalpur-IIYesYes
128SC SarangpurYesYes
129SC DobhiYesYes
130SC GhursalYesYes
131SC Kharia.YesYes
132SC ModakheraYesYes
133SC TelanwaliYesYes
134SC AnsrawaYesYes
135SC DurjanpurYesYes
136SC JaganYesYes
137SC KajlanYesYes
138SC Kali RavanYesYes
139SC KohliYesYes
140SC MothsaraYesYes
141SC Jakhod KheraYesYes
142SC MallapurYesYes
143SC MatershamYesYes
144SC Mingni KheraYesYes
145SC Neoli KalanYesYes
146SC Neoli KhurdYesYes
147SC Salem GarhYesYes
148SC Adampur gaonYesYes
149SC Kishangarh.YesYes
150SC MohbatpurYesYes
151SC SiswalYesYes
152SC AzamshahpurYesYes
153SC BadalaYesYes
154SC Bass BadshahpurYesYes
155SC Bass KhurdYesYes
156SC BhatolYesYes
157SC KhalblaYesYes
158SC Kharkhera.YesYes
159SC MohllaYesYes
160SC Dhani KutubpurYesYes
161SC HajampurYesYes
162SC JamawariYesYes
163SC Kheri GaganYesYes
164SC Puthi M.KhanYesYes
165SC BhaklanaYesYes
166SC Madan HeriYesYes
167SC Puthi SaimanYesYes
168SC SinghwaYesYes
169SC Dhana Kalan.YesYes
170SC Dhana Khurd.YesYes
171SC Dhani Piranwali.YesYes
172SC Mehnda.YesYes
173SC Sisar.YesYes
174SC SorkhiYesYes
176SC  DaulatpurYesYes
177SC Bhaini BadshahpurYesYes
178SC PrabhuwalaYesYes
179SC SahuYesYes
180SC  HasangarhYesYes
181SC BabuaYesYes
182SC BanbhoriYesYes
183SC KharkheraYesYes
184SC LitaniYesYes
185SC SandlanaYesYes
186SC Faridpur.YesYes
187SC KanohYesYes
188SC KinalaYesYes
189SC KirmaraYesYes
190SC Pabra-IYesYes
191SC Pabra-IIYesYes
192SC Bhairi AkbarpurYesYes
193SC BithmaraYesYes
194SC BudakheraYesYes
195SC ChamarkheraYesYes
196SC MadanpuraYesYes
197SC SurewalaYesYes
198SC UklanaYesYes
199PPC HisarYesYes
200RC Dabra ChowkYesYes
201RC Mahabir ColonyYesYes
202RC Patel NagarYesYes
203RC Tibba Dana SherYesYes
204RD Mini SecretariatYesYes
205PPC adampurYesYes
206PPC HansiYesYes

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